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St. James Scout Cabin

St. James Scout Cabin, View from Mountain Rd.
Click on the picture for a larger view

The St James Scout Cabin is avaliable for rental at the following rates:

These rates are for two nights. Two nights is the minimum stay, so if staying only one night you will be charged the full rate.

Winter Season
Summer Season
November to April
May to October
Up to 30 people -
31 to 40 people -
41 people or more -
Additional nights

There are pictures of the cabin, exterior and interior, and some of the surrounding land. All of the pictures are listed at the left, click on the link to see each of them.

The St. James Scout Cabin is avaliable for rent to Scout Units only. We may request a copy of your Tour and Activity Plan (formerly known as a Tour Permit).

For more information on the St. James Scout Cabin, please contact Scott Schneckloth at stschneck@yahoo.com. Please include the following information:
- Name
- Phone Number
- Unit Type and Number
- City and State Unit is located in
- BSA or GSUSA Council
- Dates of your requested stay
- Have you and/or your unit stayed at the St. James Scout Cabin before?

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